Full Moon in Capricorn

The moon is full tonight in Capricorn bringing the grounding no nonsense energy of this sign. 

I see the Capricorn sign as a mountain goat climbing higher and higher up toward his goal. Ever changing position but firmly fixed on his focal point. 

The card for this Capricorn moon is the Emperor. 

Look a that gorgeous tree drawing in all of that sunlight. Pulling it deep down into his roots. The light gives him the strength to grow even taller! Even more magnificent!

Now is the time to knuckle down and start being an active participant in creating the life that you’ve always wanted! The Emperor’s energy physically puts the pieces of this puzzle together. 

There is boldnesss in drawing down the sacred masculine energy, and sending it out into this world, like an arrow, directly on target. You do this by simply putting one foot in front of the other. 

Dreaming and planning are wonderful and necessary tools. But, that will only get you so far. 

Now is the time to harness this Moon and start bringing your dreams physically into this reality. 

*Gasp* oh Goddess that’s terrifying! The dreamtime state can be so juicy, soft and comfortable! 

Staying in a constant dreamlike state though just might bring on disappointment when you inevitably wake up. 

This Moon is telling you that now is the time to pull your dreams into this reality! 

What project do you want to start this Moon?

Go outside tonight and bathe in that glorious moonlight! 

Take your journal, planner or even phone (do not disturb mode on) and map what steps you can take tonight to bring your project into reality. 

Then do one of them!

Nothing is too small!

Take the first step and the next will become easier as you go along. 

Full moon blessings!




This is Old magic, This is New

Let us root ourselves deeply into the earth. 

The bare bones digging deep into the crystal beneath our feet. 

But let us also reach out to the stars where satellites watch us with tiny eye next to our Gods. 

Let us show them what we are made of. 

This is old magic, this is new. 

Dear Sisters, we gather here because we sense the call. 
We feel the pulse in the air,

The rhythm of the drum,

We smell it on the ocean. 

We hear incantations whispered into the candle flames crackling in apartment windows. 

This is old magic, this is new. 

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